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Originally Posted by LawlessRazor View Post
RAW was good in parts...Bryan Match was excellent , Ziggler Orton was good ...Harpers clothesline is brutal , BIG E Punk Ryback Axel tag match was nice..That Heyman promo fucking brilliant , contract signing was good for Bryan , But Orton looked like a muppet just stood there said about 2 words...they booking Orton wrong /weak.
it was a very good show, some filler as usual but the matches you mentioned were really good.

best raw since summerslam

heyman's promo

orton is just boring "I can see it in your eyes"

hhh buried people left and right

big E can go, unlike rybotch, I think he can have a nice match with axel but I doubt they'll make him win the belt.

oh, and I'm 100% certain that HBK will turn heel on bryan and orton will win the belt.

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