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Originally Posted by Sage View Post
it was a very good show, some filler as usual but the matches you mentioned were really good.

best raw since summerslam

heyman's promo

orton is just boring "I can see it in your eyes"

hhh buried people left and right

big E can go, unlike rybotch, I think he can have a nice match with axel but I doubt they'll make him win the belt.

oh, and I'm 100% certain that HBK will turn heel on bryan and orton will win the belt.
Big E is a very good face better as a face than heel.But that was NXT.
I see the title match going fine Bryan going for the high knee with YES chants out loud and he runs Bang SWEET CHIN MUZAK...HBK was too much of a face on RAW.
I dont want to see Ryback wrestle I want to see Heyman do a 30 minute Promo instead.

HHH is just a burying machine , talk was Vince was going to bring in his guy to face HHH at mania a compsny saviour ...wanted Austin but doesnt want to do it.So could be Bryan but more likely Cena.

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