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Originally Posted by chrisburr View Post
I thought Hardcore Justice 2013 was the worst PPV/Event of 2013.......

But this one takes the cake and its not even close.....

Im glad the Pre Show match was free because it Sucked real bad, the Dead Reaction from fans says it all....

Bromans winning the Tag Belts is one of the worst things to happen and the Tag Title Match itself was terrible.....

It is Rare than an Ultimate X Match was Terrible, but This might have been the worst one Ever, Sabin is a terrible heel to boot!

The Triple Threat Knockouts Championship just might be the worst Match of all time in sports or wrestling history, we get another boring Fail Kim Title Reign, the only good thing was the fans chanting "Boring" "You 3 Suck" and other stars names in this match...

Tapa should not be a flunkie or ally with anyone!

The Roode v Angle match was beyond Terrible, I just hope does not have his final TNA match be a loss

The Sting v Magnus match was a major letdown, yeah Magnus won which was huge, but the match itself was dissapointing....

EC3's Debut match was also dissapointing as was he, Im not sold on him....

And to the only good Thing about this beyond Forgettable Trash of an Event/PPV....

The WHC No DQ Match in which AJ Styles won, however im kinda surprised the loser did not get fired, but glad to see AJ put 2012 behind him!


Tag Team Gauntlet Match = 0/5

Tag Team Championship = 0/5

Knockouts Championship = - Infinity (Yes Negative Infinity)/5

Sting v Magnus = 0/5

Angle v Roode = 0/5

Ultimate X Match = 0/5

EC3/Match = 0/5

Styles v Bully Ray = 3/5

Overall 0.5/10 Worst Wrestling & Sports PPV and Event of the year!

It Might be the worst PPV/Event of all time!

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