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Originally Posted by Kaką_&_Gourcuff
You are right about Pozzi, and I think we should loan Gourcuff out to Empoli as well.
He doesn't play enough with Milan but he has got so much talent and for the moment we are wasting it.
I don't think loaning Gourcuff to another Serie A team would benefit his career too much. For one, he did play a good bit last season considering Ancelotti's cowardice to give youngsters chances in big games. I think after this first season he'll be able to better express himself at Milan next season and become a starter in the third season. Words which he himself said after the Anderlect match I believe.

Secondly, Gourcuff looks like the type of player who benefits more from playing around quality players and learning from them. Which would mean that loaning him out to Empoli wouldn't be the ideal thing to do for his future.


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