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Originally Posted by Colossus View Post
You could see from the lineup chosen today that it would be the most static team ever with terrible off the ball movement. Even if we dominated possession we would have struggled to score. 3 centerbacks, 2 static midfielders, a static trequartista, a left back who lacks the legs to play wingback and cover the entire flank, a striker who prefers the ball to feet, and then Borini and Cutrone the only ones who move decently off the ball. A 0-0 does not surprise me one bit. is your recipe:


Abate/Calabria Bonucci Romagnoli/Musacchio RR

Suso/Hakan Kessie/Monto Biglia/Loca Bona/Borini

Andre Silva Cutrone/Kalinic

I don't want to see Suso and Hakan in the same team in a 442 as one of the wide midfielders needs to be making off the ball runs towards goal, and Bona and Borini are the ones better at that. Bona/Borini have more dynamism so need to play from the left side.

If Montella wants to morph to a 3 man backline in game he can do it with these same players on the pitch......Bona/Borini as Leftwingback and Abate/Calabria as rightwingback.......but must play 2 strikers and a dynamic runner to have any hope of scoring goals.

442 is also a very good shape to get right defensively and we can switch it up to how we played early last season......remember when we praised Montella for being pragmatic and getting the team to defend properly and counter? We got results and then slowly but surely started to add in a bit more of the Montella style, but we did not have the players to be successful with it then.

Please recognise that this situation is almost like our very early season last year Vincenzo and bring back that pragmatic side to get results. We can always give it another go in the market next year to get the right players, but we need to be top 4 to be able to do that. It is damage control at this point now, not trying to build something new.

Stevie and Ray Charles (from beyond) already see that a 4-4-2 and the tactics involved in that formation would be best bet....but Bontella hasn't seen it yet

For some ungodly reason he keeps tying Milan's fate to Bonucci's inability to play CB in a flat back 4. At this (desperate) stage Bonucci and his alleged quality needs to be sacrificed for Milan to get results.

Sage & Necro on Romagnoli:

Originally Posted by Sage View Post
I don't think even conte can make this clown a good defender. how is he as slow as mertesacker and he's only 22?
Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
Musacchio is a fair bit better than Romagnoli.
Originally Posted by Sage View Post
worst defender we've ever had
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