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Originally Posted by Qaas View Post
No no no neymar has simply performed better for his national team, wether hazard didn't fit in belgiums nt tactis is another case.
Neymar has been overrated i agree, but the boy is showing why he is worth all that hype.

Hate him all you want, cause in no way are those things you wrote about him true. 100p a future ballon dor winner.
Neymar is a bitch who starts fights but doesn't end them. I think a lot of people would agree with me here. He only acts hard because the referee is there to protect him.

Either way I don't see him winning the Balon d'Or (even with his hype) as long as Messi is still around. He has to match Messi in level and not play second fiddle to him and Suarez.
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