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Originally Posted by milanoldfarts View Post
Neymar has been better for Brazil than Messi has been for Argentina's pathetic
And I don't even like Neymar lmao
Better for friendlies perhaps. Messi has stepped his game up for Argentina a lot. He only needs a couple more goals to tie Batistuta in goals for Argentina. All this while playing as a #10.

My only criticism of Messi was in the world cup last year where he looked uninterested and didn't have the drive to take the game into his hands in the knockout games.

Originally Posted by Massaro94 View Post
Top goalscorer of the UCL with the least minutes played.

Only player in the history of the competition to score in both legs of the quarters and semis as well as the Final.


Spanked World cup winners and suddenly the con fed is not important

No wonder all the teams sent their best players

1 World cup and already got goals and assists

He doesn't need to win the ballon d'or for him to be considered a GOAT

In the Final on Saturday he was just waltzing past serie a's finest defenders.. but i'm guessing the UCL aint important also

I love you Alan.... trust me. But let go the hate and appreciate a genuine world class talent.

Just Enjoy the talent.
No thank you. I've already seen a GOAT talent from Brazil in Fenomeno and Neymar can't compare.
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