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Originally Posted by Allan_Somewhere View Post
Better for friendlies perhaps. Messi has stepped his game up for Argentina a lot. He only needs a couple more goals to tie Batistuta in goals for Argentina. All this while playing as a #10.
Yeah...ok...he's also 28 years old now and he didn't scored in 2010 WC at all...Neymar is already at a way better start scoring 2 goals last year at age 22(and remember...he is one of the reasons I don't like Brazil anymore)

Originally Posted by Allan_Somewhere View Post
My only criticism of Messi was in the world cup last year where he looked uninterested and didn't have the drive to take the game into his hands in the knockout games.
It's cuz the bitch is pampered in Barcelona his whole career
He doesn't feel like a true Argie at all...there's no heart from him whatsover...he lacks that drive because he's a spoiled schoolboy
Wish he could fuck off and join Spain NT so I can root for Argentina to win once in a while...ugh

In fact let me post this quote about Laudrup from Cruyff
"Had Michael been born in a poor ghetto in Brazil or Argentina with the ball being his only way out of poverty he would today be recognised as the biggest genius of the game ever. He had all the abilities to reach it but lacked this ghetto-instinct, which could have driven him there."

This is messi

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