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Originally Posted by amopippo
i dont konw why some guys think pippo sucks.To me ,il mio pippo never sucks!
u guys have already firgotten why pippo got serious injure?he acts bravely cuz he wants to help milan to win!he injured for milan!not for he got the serious knee injure,he must be the 1st forword for 2002 world cup!(which he longed to and he did everything!)now he is not as good as b4,u guys ask him to leave?how could u do this to your #9 who has done so much for milan!got injured because of milan!!!!!he dovtes everything.u cant do this to him!
I remember what he did-for example his goal against Ajax in CL final and I'm grateful for this. but I also remember thousands of not used perfect goal situations... Pippo devoted himself not only for Milan. remember his leg injury in 1996 (or 1995, I'm not sure)? he injured for Parma...he could get injured in any other team, injuries sometimes happen to people
I don't ask him to leave, he may play but only as a substitude, when Gila and Sheva can't change a result of a match.
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