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Originally Posted by мιℓαηєℓℓσ View Post
Clearly you are a Niff Nuff.
Best league in the world?... The league is overrated. What a joke. It's only a two horse race in Spain and it has been for quite some time which even hypes up teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid a great deal.

Barcelona couldn't even beat Hercules at home!

However, people even dare to compare them to the great Milan side of the late 80s and early 90s when they made 5 UCL finals out of 7? Ha!

C.Ronaldo and Messi, your two best players in the "best league in the world", as you say, totalled:

810 minutes, 2 assists, and 1 goal between them. (Ronaldo 1 goal, 1 assist, Messi 1 assist) - Goal C. Ronaldo scored was his first in 16 MONTHS at international level. However, scores frequently domestically. Mmm, says a lot about your league, hey?


652 minutes, 1 assist, and 5 goals.

More decisive you say?
Officialy it is the best league now deal with it. Two horse race? Barca and Madrid would walk every league in the world and they are a step above. This doesnt mean the other teams are not playing at a competitive level. Aside these two teams, considering the rest is crap ..why are lower spanish teams winning things like uefa cups? Sevilla, Athletico...not to mention other european results.
Barca always need time to get running in the start of the season (lost points couple of years in a row now at the start/restart). Hercules could probably give AC Milan a run for their money (and i'm not pushing it or laughing, it just points to your ignorance). FCB struggled an hour against the top side of second devision Real Betis in which Betis had clear goal scoring opportunities, more than Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia had at the camp nou and they didnt even park the bus either. Ranking says nothing.

People comparing them to the old Milan sides which won alot? Trophys is alot but isnt everything. Thats why there are alot of great teams remembered which didnt win the lot. FCB is still working on it + they dont claim that, others do.

You might want to go study statistics where they will learn you you can proof anything with that while it means nothing really. But you might try this: the lack of playing with international team mates constantly, playing after an exhausting season with record amount of goals, the way teams want to totally stop that one star individual.
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