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Originally Posted by ReBorned View Post
This is so stupid! Everybody speak against Leo and why I see just 6 posts on the Gatusso thread?! If you want someone to blame for this game, you have mainly 2 people! Gatuso and Jankulovski! And if you go like that Dinho also was shit, Pirlo etc... but for the result mainly are Janko and especially Rino to blame! Double standards? We all love Rino and now we will hide his responsibilities behind blaming Leo? Damn Seedorf was on the sidelines, Leo talks to him how to play... they just waited for break to come in! What Rino did was something that even 10 year boy wouldn't do! Incredibly stupid and incredibly immature and most of all incredibly unfair for his teammates and something that I believe no captain in the world will do!
If I was Leo when he will be back from injury (and suspension) I will forget him on the bench for 10+ games!
He goes to the showers after 35 minutes and he leaves teammates to struggle for half a game!
But it's not Gattuso's fault... He's too stupid and for guy like him it's impossible to think.
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