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Originally Posted by Ragazza View Post
why tywin? his children don't have many fond memories of him. so far he's been OK to arya as his servant...but that's only because he doesn't know who she is

got through the blackwater episode last more episode to go in season 2

in that episode, joffrey threatened to cut tyrion in half, to which he exclaimed "then I'd be the quarter man!" and something along the lines of how that name didn't sound as good as the half man

anyway, I laughed about that for a really long time

a lot of the things he does seems perfectlly reasonable given the motivations (the defending of his own house) so can you really blame him for being himself? He wasnt particularly outright evil like his infamous mad dog Gregor Clegane and the rest, tho he was pretty devoid of empathy and other softer emotions. But that just makes him stronger.... i dont blame a guy for being a successful leader and for wanting the safety and doing what was nessacary for his legacy to be of the highest regard...
He did a lot of things that ultimately made House Lannister the most powerful, rich, and feared house in Westeros, despite being unliked by many. But the more you think about it, the more logical this seems and the goals themselves arent stupid or pointless(maybe you wont agree now but wait until you watch it all ), these are some pretty amazing accomplishments. And Tywin himself, although cold at times does say a lot of things that make sense in regards to the advancement of his house and legacy of family etc... I actually grew to respect and like him as a character.

and I like the actor also no one else could have pulled that role

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