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Originally Posted by Ragazza View Post
about halfway through season 3...tywin just informed tyrion he'll be marrying sansa stark, Jaime has had his hand cut off, they're preparing for joffrey's wedding, daenerys just got her army, and sam was reunited with gilly, who had a baby boy and he was luckily spared (she, sam and the baby escaped into the woods) because the group went bonkers and her sadistic father/husband was killed

what's the newest season...6 or 7?

I guess we're about halfway through. so far the dragons are awesome...and i surprisingly enjoyed the storyline with jaqen hghar...I know he comes back into the show later on as I've accidentally read a few spoilers here and there

There's been 6 seasons, 7th coming this year. Avoid spoilers at all costs.

How was the whole Ned business for you in the first season? Knew it? Breezed through it with a binge? Absolutely surprised/devastated?

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