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Originally Posted by Rivaldo-11
I think Ferrari made a mistake in not signing JPM, he is way better than Rubens and Ferrari would have a garuanteed Constructors championship if it were to happen.

Besides Shumacher wont be around forever. Mclaren will lag in 3rd this season i think.
What mistake??I didn't see any mistakes had done by Ferrari not signing JPM.. If you think JPM's existence in Ferrari would guarantee of grabbing constructors' title, you must be know JPM, he is unplease to be second driver and his main goal certainly to take driver's title for few last years within Schumi' authority. JPM is a temper guy + self-uncontrol even his style of driving has opened public eyes that he potentially becomes world champon in years to come. If you flashback what happened during France GP, he lost his temper to Williams management, and that's why his attitude 'unforgiven' to create *calm* status within the team. And don't forget he wanted worthy wages that he couldn't get with Williams..

All I know Schumi could keen stay forever in Ferrari, though he would race along what he wants until 80 years of age...(Ferrari's President Luca di Montezemolo has stated it to media..)..but the decision certainly in the hand of Schumi when he retires...

JPM will be headed to McLaren next year duo with Finnish Kimi Raikkonen, who will become priority?What a dilemma..

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