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Daniel Maldini

Born in November of 2001, Daniel is 11 years old and plays for Milan?s Esordienti 2001 squad. Unlike all of his predecessors, he is actually a striker. He is perhaps most famous for tackling one Clarence Seedorf when he was only 5 years old, so is a bit of an internet star. But he?s also only 11. Sure, he?s got the history and the genetics to be a fantastic footballer, but who knows what will happen over the next 6-10 years? I think expecting an 11 year-old to do their homework or pick up after themselves is ambitious in and of itself. It?s not as if this mere boy needs the weight of world football placed on his tiny little shoulders.

Of course it doesn?t help that when Paolo Maldini retired, they also retired his jersey number. With the exception, of course, of one of his sons wearing it. So Milan fans everywhere are waiting for the number 3 jersey to be filled once again by the beautiful football skills that its previous Maldini dazzled us with.

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