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Ok...back to the topic.

Tomorrow on Sunday (18/8), It's one of most prestigious pre-season game of Serie A before the teams who collects 26 title for Juventus and 16 for AC Milan. The match indeed will become much means just because here Rivaldo will make on his debut with Rossoneri.

Although the buying of Rivaldo weren't oustanding price, his departure can now be mentioned become main 'protagonista' of Serie-A this season. Not to mention anymore, Milan fans and Lega Calcio public soon would like to see how far outstanding he is who being brought in Rivaldo himself.

In first match UEFA CL qualifying section III, against Slovan Liberec, (14/8) Rivaldo weren't be played yet. His condition doesn't fit enough to join just because his on way to Milanello two weeks ago.

With Rivaldo on Milan's side, Rossoneri expects much can break Juventus' domination down in last four years. I think it's unexceptable if Rossoneri lost the game until five times respectively in tournament which to be held to memorize The President's father.

Considering of it, Trofeo Berlucsoni which enter 12th edition this year, it will be guaranteed tough game. Don't be astonished if real duel between Cosmin Contra and Edgar Davids in Trofeo TIM couple times ago will be happened again.

For Juventus, Trofeo Berlusconi is the final experiment before make forward on their first debut in Super Italian Cup against Parma (25/8). Of course La Vecchia Signora needs maximum result in order to getting consistent in entering 02/03 season.

Milan itself is absolutely would like to get 'the reputation' back in Trofeo Berlusconi which this match will be described our team-playing style and best formation before entering the though Serie-A.

I would say to you guys that Juventus had broke 'The superstitious Trofeo Berlusconi' down which we all know who team can win it, the scudetto is out of reach from winner. But Scudetto last season showed 'the superstitious' inoperative anymore for Scudetto race.

So it's time for Milan to manage the game underway and break Juventus domination with delighted result.......


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