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Originally Posted by Capitão Lugano View Post
Players look more romantically badasses on the rain. But that's only with badass players.

Fernando Torres and Villa on the rain look like a gay porn movie.

It's important to know these rules and the emends because in the future, ballness and badasseness will be way more necessary in sports and there'll be a bunch of specialists on it.

So in the future if you see a player like Raul on the rain and say: "Omg, he's so badass" then you'll be probably a huge reason for mean jokes and even a victim of violence.

This is a great goal but Argentina had an weird transition in their history and I don't think that it changed for good. You probably know that in the past they were violent as fuck and Libertadores was owned by them because even the referees scared them. Sometimes the european teams didn't even play the Intercontinental against them because they had righteous reasons to be afraid of getting injured.

Then as the time gone by and the rules got improved, instead of improve their violence to badasseness, a bunch of argentineans became pussies. And calling Bielsa and Maradonna to be their coaches is for sure not the right way to fix it.

Palermo and Tevez are for sure the example to be followed by the argentineans forwards.
That's the old discussion between Bilardistas and Menotistas in Argentina. But I agree with you about Argentina team, they are too focused on the individual skills of some offensive players and neglecting the necessary balance needed to give them support - like midfielders who can defend and more physically strongest players (to avoid games like when they got outmuscled by Brazil in the Copa América), as well as more functional and tatical teams. Argentina was a tatical joke under Bielsa and Maradona (Pekerman was not that bad but still underachived).
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