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Originally Posted by Passion for *9*
Why did he go to Mexico of all places when he wasn't even that old ? If he had stayed in Europe, he probably would have appeared on my radar at that time (OK OK... veeery optimistic assumption... LOL).
Well, I really can't give you an exact reason as to why he left Europe. I remember an interview he had, after the Gabon disaster, where he pledged to do everything in his power to reinstate the National Team as a continental power in order to honor his teammates. With that in mind, he seemed bitterly disappointed at not qualifying to USA '94 + losing to Nigeria in the ACN '94 final. So he probably was demoralized. My guess is a less strenuous calender year in Mexico + the fact that he wasn't really in the best of shapes at 31 when he left PSV ... he also seemed to save his best for the NT. BUT ...
Originally Posted by Passion for *9*
And why did he resign as a coach last year ?

Inside scoop, please
Hence the reason why I can't pinpoint exactly why he left Europe. Such an irony that I don't entirely believe most comments made by my most favorite footballer of all time Unfortunately, his undeniable inspiration on the pitch hasn't been matched by a shady period as player/coach, Technical Adviser and Vice President of FAZ (which he still is). A controversial newspaper (for the government, i.e.) The Post, which is a the mainstay of most political gossip, had a disturbing article that mentioned Lusha renting out his properties in Lusaka + residing at an expensive hotel for more than two years ... the estimated figures (his bill) weren't pleasing There was also an ongoing debate as to whether any person could do both the coaching + administrative jobs to full effect simultaneously.

But, when he took over as coach, he did mention he was inexperienced for the job + said he would step down after ACN '06 if he failed to lead us to a World Cup debut.

That said though, any tarnishing his work off the pitch may have caused to his image will be quickly forgotten once one looks at what he was done for Zambian Football on the pitch. First competitive game after Gabon was against Morocco at the Independence Stadium in an ACN '94 qualifier. The same stadium that was filled with a weeping President (who turned out to be quite the con artist ) + fans, barely 2 months ago. Down 0-1 from a Moroccan first half strike, in the 70th minute, a direct freekick was awarded ... not too close to the penalty area, but you always knew. The crowd chanting 'Lusha Lusha ...' and he didn't disappoint/ We went on to win the game 2-1

But still, being FAZ VP and all, he should know better. We NEED a qualified expatriate coach IMMEDIATELY!

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