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Ozmosis - Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2002 7:23 am Post subject:

well i didnt need any surguries but the doctors told me that i had to stop all physical activities and start swimming...

I dont know the name for the injurie in english but i had "too much liquid under my knee"..if you know what i mean..
Well I am glad you didn't have to have surgury, it wasn't very much fun, while all of my friends were going to parties and games I had to sit at home. Oh well it is better now. They made me do the swimming thing too. I guess it allows for exercise without resistance so it is good, I don't know? I was just glad because the woman who ran the pool I went to was hot. Atleast I had something to look at. Is your knee better now, I mean when your not playing basketball Gattuso style.

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