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Originally Posted by VooDooDoll View Post
I think both sides (belotti + torino management) want stay together for 1 more year. Italy lack many options for attack so playing for torino as a starter will gave him still starting spot in NT and torino is ok with it because if he scores a couple of goals in WC and over 20 in serieA with current crazy market they may get 100 millions.
If he wont look great this season he will be still worth more than kalinic ...
He would have a better chance at NT playing at a higher level for Milan than Torino.

I get why Cairo play hardball but for Belotti it's a stupid career choice... Milan is in the first year of rebuilding and he could be the center piece of it all. It's maybe a once in a lifetime chance he's passing by.

So much can go wrong in a season for a player...
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