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Dunno why u guys will say no to him, I can imagine he can be easily an upgrade for Ambro as our anchor.
He's too lightweight for that ? haha... don't let his sleepy eyes trick you, he's already used only accompanied by only one CM (Mind u not DM) as his companions on fio mid-line and not cause problem.

U know what funny ? I'm always see him as better "DM" than other people that see him as playmaker like Pirlo lol, yeah his pass is good, can spread the ball etc etc. But he never strike me as creative power like most people regard him.

With right price I'll welcome him.

this set-up is killer if u ask me.

Pirlo - Flamini/Gattuso

than just not regard him as pirlo replacement, seriously his hair n wussy eyes trick people about his game lol.

Originally Posted by Leonardo
"Right now it would be like betraying my history, my past with the Rossoneri. It's been a short period of time, and I'm still very close to Milan. Now it would be too difficult to work in Italy, maybe in the future but not now."
- 22nd October 2010.
Two months later...
Gattuso : "Evidently the God of money can produce miracles."

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