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Default AC Milan's Financial Situation Thread

Hi, i'm always very interested in the financial situations from football clubs and offcourse especially in Milans. But actually i really don't have a clue how Milan is doing financially.

Today on this forum i've read this message:
June ready for a treasure trove of 50 million
04.01.2010 16.10 Frederick Gambaro

The ago accounts in your pocket to AC Milan for the next few months. The Society of Via Turati, according to the newspaper online, it will build a treasury of 50 million euros through market operations and especially for outgoing sponsorship contracts. A Milanello are many players on the brink of departure, one above all: Huntelaar, who could be evaluated, still about 15 million, despite a few appearances and performance is not intoxicating. In addition to Dutch, the renewal of co-ownership of Paloschi with Parma would bring in another 5 million, and supplies of Jankulovski, Kaladze and Abbiati, others 16. At this piggy bank will then be added to the millions of euros resulting from the change of sponsors that the Company would Rossoneri fearing a long time...
Article on

Briefly summarised:

Huntelaar out -> 15 million
Fly Emirates contract (what kind off?) -> 20 million
Expiring contracts/wages from sold players -> Janku, Favalli, Kaladze, Abbiati will give us 16
Paloschi's renewal of co-ownership -> 5 million (how?)

So there are a lot of things i can't understand and i am really curious why we supposedly had to sell Kaká after missing the CL for 1 season.

Payroll from few months ago (without 40% taxes?):

Payroll 2010-2011

So, this is the thread where we can discuss Milans financial situation. If you have any images from the incoming and outgoing transfers from last season or other graphics please post them here, i'm interested . And mayb someone can explain the 50 million story?

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