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Originally Posted by Passion for *9*
India = the land of Kamasutra with phallic symbols ('lingam') in every temple + you pretend to be all offended by the graphic of a fuckin condom ? GMAFB
No, current Indian parents are very protective of their young. They dont tell you much about sex until you've already figured it out. And they tell you two things; not outside marraige and not with a non-Indian. Back me up here guys.

Its a pitty. I mean if only our active forefathers could talk some sense into the current Indian society. They're not traditional (what they claim). Just plain over-protective. Can't say much as I haven't been to India in 13 years. But there's still tons of Indian communities that I interact with.

Riccardo, I dont like the shirt. How about three thicker stripes?
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