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Originally Posted by gaizka22
Yeah, that was Olympique Marseille. As for Basile Boli, true he was hard on MvBasten on that final (He also scored the winning goal. As a Milan fans, you can't help but really hate him on this game). A particularly rough tackle from behind sent MvB to the ground clutching his ankle in agony. In today's standard it would've been a straight red, but he only received a yellow. He also blocked MvB's volley effort, but unfortulately the stud also caught MvB's ankle who went down, massaging his ankle and at the same time shooting a worried look towards the bench.

MvB just got back from a 3-4 month injury but Capello wanted him to play that night, which was normal considering he was the FIFA Player of the Year. But in a sensible point of view, I think it would be better if JP Papin was fielded. He was fresher and had a decent season.

But Basile Boli wasn't the only brute that caused early retirement. There were others (most notably Vierchowod and Jurgen Kohler) that gave him worse treatment during his Serie A days.
Thank you. We cannot only blame Boli because other defenders injure Basten and it accomulate so at finally, Basten has to retired when he was very young.

I don't think Boli is very good. I think at that time, the most important defender in Olympique Marseille is Desilly, and we get him in the next season. He also scored 4th goal when Milan 4-0 Barcerona, did you remember that goal, very curve, a good banana ball !

But i am very strange in 1998, Desilly is very good and why Milan sell him ??? Milan sell some important defenders, for example, Milan sell Sala. Why Milan sell Sala ??? Do you know Sala, his number is 24, he is one of the member that help Milan win the 1999 Serie A.


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