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Originally Posted by Yuchen Li
I don't think Boli is very good. I think at that time, the most important defender in Olympique Marseille is Desilly, and we get him in the next season. He also scored 4th goal when Milan 4-0 Barcerona, did you remember that goal, very curve, a good banana ball !
Whether Boli was good or not is debatable but OM that year was very good (Deschamp, Abedi Pele, Voeller, Barthez, Sauzee). And Desailly didn't even play in that final and he is not a defender, he played in midfield alongside Albertini. And of course any self-respecting Milan fans must know his goal in CL 94 that made me jumping up and down.

Originally Posted by Yuchen Li
But i am very strange in 1998, Desilly is very good and why Milan sell him ??? Milan sell some important defenders, for example, Milan sell Sala. Why Milan sell Sala ??? Do you know Sala, his number is 24, he is one of the member that help Milan win the 1999 Serie A.
Because he was getting old. If you notice in Milan (and French national team) he played in midfield but after moving to Chelsea he played as a center back along with his countryman Frank Lebouf. He continued to play in this position in French national team. And it is very normal if anybody who were in Milan in season 96/97 and 97/98 would want to leave Milan since the club was sinking.

Luigi Sala as important defenders? You've got to be kidding me. Did you actually watch him play? That's like saying Coloccini and Roque Junior are good defenders. Sala is a mediocre defender at best. Yes he was in the team that won the 99 scudetto but he looked decent defending the right side because he had Thomas Helveg covering him.

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