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Originally Posted by drucurl
You always have to respect Fergie for his tremendous achievements as a manager. The man is a total legend as a manager but I've often found him lacking as a would be interesting what he would say in his defense after everybody was shitting on Wenger for not having more Englishmen in his team when his team eventually has 3 or less
Without meaning to sound to aggresive - that his rubbish. If you knew and followed Fergie as a person you'd find a new found respect for him. The things he does for charity are amazing.

There is a massive misconception of him as a person. The manager you see on the touchline every week is completely different to Alex Fergsuon the person.

Thats why he is loved by ALL the other managers for his humility and the way he helps other managers. (bar wenger) All former legends i.e Sir Bobby Robson love him aswell for the things Fergie does for them.

Managers like Lippi also really get on with him for this reason.

Every week there is some sought of show/meal/auction/whatever for people who need help. He personally goes out of his way in his free time to visit hospices for children who's lives are about to be cut short.

He is ruthless for players that don't deserve 100%. Yorke with his partying ways - Becks putting his moddeling over football, RVN walking out ect. But he is loved by all other players. You only need to listen to what Yorke says about him (had a big interview on MUTV the other day)

He is contantly helping managers in lower divisions and sticking up for them. He is always writing hand written letter of congratulations to managers (last season to Redknapp for winning the FA Cup - despite the way in which the nocked us out) and he did the same to Rafa after Liverpool won the CL and Ancelotti after Milan won the CL in 2007.

Fergies reputation for being a fiery scott goes before him. He has tons of class and you'll realise this once you watch/listen/read about him as a person.
Like I said before the Fergie you see on the touchline every week is nothing like the real Fergie.
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