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Originally Posted by manutd_fan
But for me Ronaldo has the 'x factor' more than anybody else playing the game. When he's on the ball you sit up as you know something's gonna happen like a peice of skill, great tackle or a bad foul.

He also has the hatability factor. There's never a dull moment with him and he's produced more entertainment this last season than anyone else IMO whether it be a great goal or a dramatic penalty miss.

I think Messi's season last year was very overated aswell. A couple of great goals - one amazing goal and suddenly people are saying he was the best, despite the fact he was injured for large parts of it.

He was also nothing spepcial in the semi's last year of the CL - which is one of Ronaldo's main criticism.

Ronaldo is damned if he does and damned if he don't. If he celebrates he's called arrogant, if he doesn't he's called moody. He does dive but he also gets more kicks than anyone else. After every match his ankles are like baloons - literally.

In my mind he was the only real candidate for it last seson. Torres and Cassillas were a distant 2nd and 3rd IMO, though obviously I'm biased.
I haven't posted here in a while but I just had to leave my two cents concerning this matter. manutd_fan, if there's ANYONE in the world with this x_factor then it's Lionel Messi. He's literally unplayable and if you want to talk about entertainment, Messi provides boatloads of it every match (unless entertainment for you = stepovers and pretty flicks). IMO He's the best at dribbling in the world and look a what he's done so far this season now that he's stayed fairly injury free. Also don't even pretend that Messi doesn't get hacked every game...there are at least 3 players on Messi every match just look at the Sevilla game last weekend. Yet he still managed to produce 2 goals.

Originally Posted by drucurl
Back on topic....I think I'm becoming a CR7 fan by default. The guy is a victim of WAY too much hate.....THAT in itself is actually an indicator of how well he plays.

Think about it....they call him a big game me the ONLY game he didn't really impress was vs Barca....and despite Messi "doing well" there was no end product....when CR7 does well and there is no end produce there is fire and brimstone for him....but people can still be decent towards messi even when he does the's double standards....fuelled by hate and jealousy. The ONLY player I rate above CR7 is R80/ Kaka....and that's when the're on form. He isn't as talented as Messi for sure but the kid plays his heart out and it's high time he gets the respect he deserves. He works his ass off everywhere....just look at his body and compare it to Kaka's and Messi''d have no trouble guessing who was doing more training...even Tevez and Rooney have always retained the same body shape ever since they were teenagers.

If Berlu truly wants him I'm all for him wearing red anc black....FFS the guy SCORES in the CL final and people only talk about the missed penalty Only Ronaldo and Ronaldinho ever got that kind of hate....i.e. people still shit on you even though you scored....and THAT is a TESTAMENT to his greatness......player-wise the kid has NO flaws....maybe his passing could be a bit better...but even Messi and Kaka- though marginally more talented have BIG game flaws......I really hope to see Nani get as good as cristiano.....Nani has bags of talent too though I think someone has to develop him to be a striker because Portugal will never win anything without a proper striker.
Dru: The difference between C. Ronaldo and Messi is that Cristiano can actually go MISSING for nearly an entire game, pop in with a goal and he's a hero. He had a great goalscoring tally last season, but goals don't always = good performances and Cristiano doesn't provide the WOW performances that Messi provides which is why I personally rate Messi above him. Messi's game may be incomplete but if he's unplayable as is then why should that concern him? And take a look at Messi's stats so far now that he's avoided injury...that's all I have to say about his end product.
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