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Originally Posted by MilanMB View Post
FFS Maia... dat game plan. Worked for one round.

Cummings lol. "40 fighters rejected him"

Rousey is so hot. Womens fighting is still boring as fuck.
One take down out of 14 or so, makes you wonder if he needs better training partners. He had literally no plan except for trying to take him down

Rory looked decent, but i don't know what was Rogan about him being all killer last night. He had n opportunities to jump on Maia when he failed one take down attempt after another, but he failed to capitalize on each and every of them.

Unless he improves dramatically guys like Condit, Lawler and Hendricks are gonna smash him every time they meet/will meet.

The women fight was stopped way to early, but could not care less about it unless Tate fights:

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