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Fav. Players: Anyone playing for AC Milan

Agree w/ scharatz that Taylor did a fine job filling in, but don't know if we'll hold down the spot. Arsenal might be looking for someone a little more high profile.

I though Rustu was supposed to go to Barcelona? transfer rumors for the week. Not to start with the rumors, but most of these I have heard much talk about so I'll post it:

[size=2]06/13/2003. Rumour Mill: Beckham-Free Zone

The rumour mill is a new feature on site, where the soccer super sleuths from Soccerage attempt to separate fact from fiction in the murky world of transfer gossip. This summer we intend slip into the underground transfer maze to root out the reality and bring red herrings to justice. In this issue, we investigate:

Beckham-less news

With the rumour world being smothered by one story, Soccerage would like to remind frustrated fans that we have not forgotten about the rest. So here are some luscious rumours, with not a hint of the 'B' word.

Tore Andre Flo to Spain: Sunderland fans, hold fire with your Norwegian themed parties, the beanpole may not be heading out in the near future. Although, the link with Real Betis is totally real, the Spanish club are simply 'monitoring' the situation. Scouts from Spain have supposedly been watching the Flo, the Mackem flop, in international action but no tangible offer has been put to the relegated side. Needless to say, Sunderland are more likely to be reinstated to the Premier League on the grounds of being too big a loss to the Premiership, than recouping the £7 million they splashed out on him.
Soccerage conclusion: 7/10 – Not beyond realms of possibility

Paul Robinson to Arsenal: Allow me to let you into a big secret. It is said, by some insiders, that Arsenal need a goalkeeper. Leeds' youngster, Paul Robinson, is the latest glove-wearer to have been linked with the Gunners. Although, Leeds are trying to put on a brave face, everyone of their players, bar Alan Smith, has an eject button installed in his vicinity. A £10 million bid is reported but I doubt the merits of this rumour. Arsenal, don't have a lot of cash and will certainly not be bidding over £5 million for a goalkeeper.
Soccerage conclusion: 4/10 - Unlikely

David Dunn to Birmingham: Dunn's Blackburn career, following a promising start, has imploded. Whatever the reasons, putting on weight, playboy lifestyle, recurring injuries…etc; Souness wants Dunn out. The club are looking for an up front payment of £5 million and at the moment Birmingham fall short of that. The clubs are in talks and I expect an agreement to be reached in the next week.
Soccerage conclusion: It's gonna happen, folks

Boris Zivkovic to Portsmouth: Harry Redknapp is keen to bring the Croatian to Pompey on a free. A right back with experience playing for Bayer Leverkusen in Germany. The stumbling block that faces the newly promoted side and getting their man, is wages. Portsmouth's European scouts have been busy, the club are also chasing Serbian international defender, Stefanovic but haggling is still taking place over the transfer fee. If there's anyone who's going to win a haggling contest, it's old Harry.
Soccerage conclusion: Still work to do for Pompey

Juan-Pablo Angel to Real Betis: The expensive Colombian is desperate to make the move to Spain, In fact, Angel, was desperate to leave Villa Park, seemingly the minute he got there, which has been evident in his displays. Angel's first season with Villa was useful but having been overcome by 'I play for an ambitious-less club' syndrome, the forward is set to leave.
Soccerage conclusion: Money in the coffers will please Doug.

Capucho to Rangers: Capucho won't have difficulty getting the support of the Gers followers, having ensured that Celtic remained without a trophy in the last season. Capucho was part of the Porto team that ousted Celtic in UEFA cup final. Now, the Portuguese international striker has stated his ambition to play in Scotland with Rangers. No doubt it was the prospect of swapping Portugal for the sunny climes of Scotland, that made up his mind; with the expected wage increase coming in, in a distant second.
Soccerage conclusion: Rangers are in talks.[/size]

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