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One of the 3-4 players, that will still be part of the team if we make the leap in quality to challenge for Scudetto or even re-become important in CL in 3-5 years.

with that said, i'm starting to get irritated with the Defenders passing between themselves.
some of the blame for this stale game we play has to come him. we build from the back.

after 2 rounds of passing among themselves he either has to tell his guys to look to play forward or do it himself...not expecting him to be a playmaker, but at least get the ball 10 yard foward to a MF, which will also force them to play forward ..
he does it sometime but only after the ball has been passed around the defence 3-5 times.

they (CBs) can even pass it to the opposite FB to gain half a second or 2 yards, which is a lot and can allow them to go forward before being closed down.
but it seems that if Roma wants to send the ball to Calabria it HAS (90%) to go through Musacchio who will take 2 seconds to stop, control then pass...Same thing when Romagnoli want to send the ball left to Roriguez ...
it takes us us 5 damn seconds to switch sides...can't shake teams out of their shape by switching that slow...they can close us by just jogging.

i don't expect much from Musacchio ... but he is the top dog and should be stepping up on that front.

and they (Roma and Musa) have been setting "records", with their passes numbers...

60 Millions are better spent on 1 quality player than 3 average players.
We won't get anywhere by replacing players with others that are just 2% better
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