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Originally Posted by MaldiniCapitano View Post
You're ignoring the possibility that juve and roma could also qualify out of the group for 10 points. And those are only divided by 6
I don't know if they will make it though, if we assume one of them makes it which sounds more realistic then that's 5 bonus points / 6, that still less than 1 full coefficient point.. if we get both of them through then that's 10 / 6, thats 1.667 points...

their bonus points will be 2.5, a difference of around 0.8333 meaning that we still will need 2 wins + a draw just to balance that out.

The bonus points are very important no matter how you put them... however, getting bonus points and go through to the KO round only to be eliminated could be worse than a team going to the EL and making it to the semi's - but that's very unlikely.
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