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He has the tools /fertygo

people talking about "30 apps two goals/assists, no thanks" clearly didn't watch SA this season ....he was always a threat in his early games ,but inconsistent playing time stunted his progress to perform throughout the season ..

..those who watched Roma would notice that as soon as the coach was looking for another tactical option Menez is the first player to give way irrespective of his match performance ..most cases was when Roma decided to close up shop ...(unless there was a card /injury)

examples of these situations :

Napoli Vs Roma (score at the time of subst.0-0)

46' Brighi for Menez (score at the end 2-0 )

Roma vs Cesena (0-0)

65' Taddei for Menez (0-0 ) Most irritating sub ever

Roma vs Bologna (2-0)

69' Simplicio for Menez (2-2 )

Brescia Vs Roma (1-0)

46' Adriano for Menez (2-1)

Lazio Vs Roma (0-0)

40' Greco for Menez (0-2)

and so on and so forth

he was always the expendable for the coach ...and considering his ability you can see why the frustration eventually took its toll ..

another thing about the "30 apps" he only played 195min more than Pato ...he has played a bit part role for the better part of his stay in the Capital ...players like him need consistent GT to produce weekly ,a confidence player if you will

up until the Milan game ...out of the possible 1350min he could have played, he played 825 sporadic minutes and only one of those was a complete game

Throughout the season: 1788 of 3420 = 52%

He has the talent to play as CAM Imo ...pace,agility,quick feet and technically capable ,he is your ideal/perfect modern day slow brainer too

Roma thought this too and tried to play him there :

Ofc he isn't totaly absolved of all blame ,but he was IMO one of their brighter players in the begining of the season .

The form that Totti and Vucinic (add to that Juan and DDR being out of sorts) were in the begining of the season was poor......the latter was replaced ,but Totti being Totti placed himself in the team irrespective of their poor results...i'd say Mexes and Menez were probably consistently playing at an acceptable level...Then you could still factor in the disruption of the takeover talks,Ranieri running out of ideas etc etc

I'm pretty confident that given the trust and gametime he could flourish

Just a lil:


and lastly :

G (just wanted to post that again)

and If the 10 mil figure turns out to be true it will be a great the the best....

just another signing /cheesy ending

only thing ...he doesn't match the claims of ..."haven't played him this season"

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