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Originally Posted by K-J
So when exactly is draft day?

And who are the top guns this year?

So ill say something besided that link.

1st pick its defintly goin to be Emeka Okafor, a big guy (compared with Ben Wallace's style) but he is better in offence. Very good shot blocker. Thats what Magic need !! With Grant Hill comin back they will look like this:
PG T. Lue
SG T-Mac
SF G. Hill
PF J.Howard / D.Gooden
C E.Okafor

pretty good lineup for an east team ! Of course this is not for sure cuz T-Mac is sayin that he'll probably leave.

Clippers won the 2nd pick, but its not sure they will draft a big guy like it says in that website. Clippers are sufferin at PG, so Shaun Livingston (tall PG 6-7 foot) probably is the guy they will draft.

Even Bulls at 3rd pick will not pick a big guy, they will probably go for that SF Loul Deng ! (if they dont arrange a trade of their trade as their sayin lately), so that leavs the youngster Dwight Howard at 4th or 5th pick.
Lets say that Howard cant make impact imidiately in NBA, cuz he's still a project but his stats last season were like 25ppg, 15rpg, and 8.0 blocks/game - fantastic stats !

but there is some time left, and everything will be sorted out !

Guys that I predict that will perform good from rookies:
- Emeka Okafor
- Shaun Livingston (whatch out this guy, a tall PG. that makes him block easily other PGs and easily shot over them)
- Ben Gordon (the player that Bobcats said they would like to draft if they can. They belive thay can build their team wish this rookie PG)

Cant say for the others though (not sure), maybe Howard too if he goes in a team where they dont have many tall guys, and gets like 20-25 minutes/game.
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