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Originally Posted by Panache View Post
Age is not a factor here, all 4 are young in footballing terms. 23-25 yr old with proven talent is more valuable than a 20 yr old with just a promise of what could be.
But what exactly makes Dybala proven and Romagnoli just a promise?
Both got 1 really good season in Serie A for a midtable club. Darmian and Allan got 3 (they're older, obviously).

Actually, the only one who performed for a big club is Romagnoli when he got some playing time for Roma (he was 18~19 btw).

And you say what's the difference, the difference is they're going for almost half his price. It doesn't matter who we're signing him from...a bad deal is a bad deal. To think that it's Roma we're giving all this money too makes an even worse deal. This is the same Roma that sold Benatia, easily top 3 CB in Italy at the time for 26 mil. This wasn't too long ago either. If we can't get him for 20 or less we should look elsewhere not give more money to Roma so they can sign someone and get stronger. You do realize this 30 million signing will probably not even improve our defense right away right? This guy only has promise and one season under his belt. Inter signed two CBs for less than that. Two who that will have an immediate impact on their season. Romagnoli might turn out to be another Astori for all we know.

Just think back to the time when we were offered 40 million for Pato and we turned it down or when El Sha was going to be sold for 30 million or so....they're nowhere close to those figures now and they without doubt showed 10 times the promise that this kid has ever managed to show. Let's not be stupid and let's put this cash that we finally have to good use.
30M is his asking price. Milan offer, according to rumours, is somewhere between 20~25M. We will not go to 30M - that's why the deal stalled.

It's nowhere double the price of Darmian and Allan (and lot less than Dybala).

Another way to look at it: one of our alternatives to him was Savic. He went to Atleti for $$ + Suarez and that's something like 18-19M.

At that price range it's all down to scouting, it's a technical choice, not money anymore. We got the money for whatever the choice is.
If you have to pick between a 18M player who you think will do the job, but for some 5 or 6M more you can get a player the scouts and coach think got a lot more upside?
You obviously pay a bit more. And wait for him if needed too.

Yes, every transfer is a risk. That's football. But all things considered he's Italian, he already performed in the League, he will be coached exactly by the man who got the best of him...
We are in good position to take it
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