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Originally Posted by damn View Post
cena won't turn heel.

he is to important to the wwe's target audience (9 year olds) and he does a lot of charity work that would be at risk if he was a heel.

how many make a wish patients ask to see WWE heels?

cena turns heel when the rock (and any other ex wwe wrestler) stops giving wwe a road to wrestlemania ratings boost or the wwe decides to target a mature audience.
I know it was a different company but that's what people thought about Hogan....everyone turns sooner or later (or at least updates there damned music,even if it's remixed ala Kan),Rock,SCSA.... Cena or Vince blew a chance earlier this year to turn Cena heel.
I'm not saying this personally I see Cena as a Mini Khali(ie can't wrestle!)I doubt I could ever like his persona, but some people would side with Dr. Thuganomics more then what they do now,besides if they stopped stuffing the kids in the front rows for "Cena effect"......
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