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Originally Posted by Albertini View Post

10000000% predictable reaction from rnb. Calabria could have played one hundred good games in a row and people would pretend like it didn't happen after the first error.

admit to yourselves please that you enjoy seeing some of our players fail. Thanks guys.
He's done decent until now but he shouldn't be excused from criticism.

He was bad defensively and showed that he still has a long way to go.

Originally Posted by Buske View Post
@rumpelnadjdnfhdhskin Thats like saying Davide needs to build muscle because he got owned by Kessie...Kolasinac is strong guy, its normal that he should be able to abuse Davide
He's right though.

If Calabria doesn't build muscle, he's going to be abused by a lot of players going forward.
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