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Originally Posted by van Basten View Post
Most consecutive European Cup/UEFA Champions League wins
Real Madrid 5 (1956–1960)
Ajax 3 (1971–1973)
Bayern München 3 (1974–1976)

I'm sure I'll get laughed at here:

We all know of Real's 1st 5 wins. But if Ajax & Bayern won it 3 times in a row, why was there such a hoo-ha abt Milan losing the claim to be only team to win it back to back?

I dont like the fact L'pool are there in the group.

With 9-7 to Real... we'd be in the debate. But with 12-7 to Real... I personally dont want to be petty, the trophy belongs to Madrid
Basically we were the last team to lift the cup back to back. However that was the old EU Cup and not the UCL.

The only ones who were making noise about it were Allegritards
/ Co-efficient fanbois / Azzurri groupies i.e Buffon deserves one

Originally Posted by IL Diavolo 3 View Post
Any news on Ramos? I don’t even mind giving him #3
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