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Fav. Players: 3; Marat Safin; Tiziano Crudeli; 2Pac; Christian Bale; Martin M??rsepp; Balotelli, Michael Avenatti

Like Deadpool 2. More than 1st. (eventually it caught up with critics, right?). Enya was fav touch. Wedgie he gave at the start in Japan (?) nicest.

Black Panther was really enjoyable visually. Like Lion King?

Infinity War was pretty good. But to enjoy it you must know a lot of back story?

Spiderman Homecoming not so much. Even if the actor is perfect fit.

Thor Ragnarok was everything Guardians of the Galaxy was said to be in their first. Really enjoyable even if the joking went on overdrive once or twice.

Guardians of Galaxy second was better than first too but overall a bit overhyped for me.

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