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Originally Posted by Passion for *9*
I agree with most of what you say, newyorker (have you checked out the place in my sig yet ? We love level-headed posters ), but I'd still like to see another coach take over @ the end of the season.

Carlo has played all his cards + evidently hasn't managed to overcome Milan's biggest deficit: their tactical limitations. Whether that is due to his own limitations or the players (at least some of them) lacking the intellectual capacity to execute the more intricate gameplans + concepts on the pitch none of us here has the privilege to know.

Furthermore, I would like to see s.o. who
-- asserts himself more in the day-to-day business of the club
-- demands input into Milan's transfer politics (i.e. doesn't silently watch Galliani dragging in more + more washed up or mediocre players)
-- stands his ground against B.
-- is not scared shitless of radical changes, incl. taking some players off their pedestal + sending them where they belonged 2 years ago: into retirement
-- is not the players best friend + always willing to make excuses but a supervisor who demands accountability.

Van Basten is all that. Rijkaard is all that. Mourinho is all that + then some. My #4 choice is Prandelli, just because I love this guy + I have a feeling he can create sth from scratch + with very young players

Though it's fine that Donadoni is likely the next coach ,I think Ottmar Hitzfeld and Vincent Del Bosque fit the majority of what you think is needed
Passion for *9* We know they are both very successful in there native competeion,but also have great success in CL competition as well.
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