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Originally Posted by jon View Post
I'll give you the cliff notes

girl lives about 45m away from me, but goes to university about 5 hours away

-OP meets girl almost two years ago
-girl has BF but recently breaks up with him
-OP asks girl out to dinner, goes well, we go back to my place, kiss and cuddle, opts to be gentleman and not have coitus (mistake?)
-OP schedules second date, she cancels for family reasons, goes back to college, still texts me and what not
-OP suggests visiting her at her university, first weekend OP suggests, she says she's busy, suggests second time frame, she says OK but doesn't clarify which days OP should specifically visit
-OP is taking a few days off from texting her to avoid acting like a wimp
-OP is confused as to what to do
if you really like her, send another text about the suggested weekend for your visit and if she doesn't respond with a yes and set up specific time/dates with you...let it go

the fact is, she's off to college now and she probably doesn't want to have a boyfriend back home when she can find one (or more) there at school. sorry

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