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Originally Posted by MilanMB View Post
I think this scenario was foreseen by management, and anyone else who doesn't think a newly assembled team could play good football after 3 months. They need to learn to play together which takes time.

What's worrying is that our competitors for CL are showing good form. But the season is long and many things can happen.
I don't think the management foresaw being 9 points off of 4th.

In fact, Fassone said that Milan is about 5-6 points behind schedule. I think they maybe anticipated a draw/loss against the likes of Lazio and Inter, but certainly not the shitshow we have seen lately.

Also, we shouldn't forget our method during the summer. Montella was given the bulk of this team early. He has failed to fashion a coherent team; he has also failed to understand what formation works best. I still hope he finds a solution because the names being circulated don't entirely convince me (Sousa and Mazzarri are OK). If Montella doesn't get at least 4 points from the next 2 games, he absolutely has to go. A shame. He is a likable guy, but he can appear flippant in post-match conferences, almost cavalier. Maybe it's a defence mechanism. Speaking of which, our defence is the most depressing part for me. We can't even count on coordination, understanding, let alone impenetrability.

It's a terrible situation. It's a crisis when you consider what CL football means to the fans and finances of this club.

Grazie per avermi fatto rossonero!

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