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Originally Posted by Curupira View Post
St. Pierre is way superior fighter. Bisping did his best to make it into a dog fight but was just too outmatched. Even in terms of coaches, Zahabi and Danaher are both huge students of the game, the way he set up the rear naked by faking space for a hip escape was beautiful jiu-jitsu.

However, St. Pierre did show some rust tonight. He over-reached into some set ups. His take downs were nice but he did not seem to have an answer for closing the distance when Bisping was elbowing from the bottom. It seemed like he was trying to take a more methodical jiu-jitsu approach.

It's good to see him back, but I don't know how long he will stay in this division. He did seem like he was a bit sluggish and lacked the fast switches you saw in 170. One thing is for sure, his overall "game" not only did not stagnated (unlike BJ Penn) but he grew, and it will be great to see him fight again.

I think it's fair to say he'll be sharper in his next fight.

robert whittaker is also smaller than bisping + he's a former welterweight, so I think that fight is next.

after that, win or lose I think he'll go back to 170 and set up a fight with mcgregor and lay a whooping on him.
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