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Originally Posted by drucurl
ManUtd does indeed have some classy players. Personally I'd move Scholes and put Becks. At least from what we read in the media, Becks is a true gentleman. To me the fact that Becks has a glam lifestyle and Fergie was upset because of it seemed a bit childish since the year Becks was sold he was on red hot form. Becks also NEVER disrespected ManU and always pledged his undying love for them.

Yorke was a nice guy too but loved partiying and women waaaay too much
I remember nealry every week Yorke was in a sex scandal (typical Trini behaviour ) Curiously enough his worst patches came when his sex life wasn't noteable enough to write about/ and when he tried to settle down . It's as if his scoring led to scoring looooool!! Anyway, in the end, Fergie made up with Yorke and let him train at Old Trafford. Meanwhile the mere fact that Wenger took becks in, showed how much Fergie didn't want him there

Scholes has always been overrated imho. Not to the levels of say Lampard or Gerrard but overrated nontheless. And he always seems mad about something.
lol i think scholes is the best proffesional of them all to be honest! him and giggs and neville are the only 2 players that don't use agents that i know of, plus he is never in any interviews, and he gives apparently nearly half his wages to an asthma(sp?) charity because he badly suffers from it. He is very quiet though, but i think he was the most talented of the 'class of 92' and if he was in LA Liga he would have been a bigger star due to his style of play.

he will leave Manutd in maybe 2 years to play for his boyhood team, Oldham for 1 season aswell which i think is nice of him.

beckham asked wenger if he could go there since becks lives in London. (beckingham palace)

But is it true that Yorke is injured so he's not playing vs England? Thats a shame because I was looking forward to seeing him play.

I always thought he was a good player, but together with cole made a world class partnership if you get me. I always remember his smile because of his huge white teeth
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