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Originally Posted by madtherchot
Has beens? Thanks for confirming that you're the forum's biggest hypocrite. I mean there are some other hypocritical comments here and there, but yours certainly are in a class of their own. Dissing Milan, in as many ways as you can think of, doesn't change the fact that Fatfag likes men dressed as women ... you need CLOSURE.

As for his namesake, well, credit must be given where its due. BUT I don't think he has performed enough, on the big stages, to warrant the acclaimed greatness people - and the English in particular - have been quick to direct his way. Sure he did score a goal in the final, the biggest of stages, but what else did he do in that final? And speaking of that goal, for the unfortunate ilk who were quick to label our success last year as "luck", how lucky are you when Wezzzz Brown (of all people) manages to deliver a perfectly timed LEFT footed cross (... let along win in the second round of penalties? If we were lucky for Athens 07, then Glazer paid UEFA off ) I think Essien was late to challenge Cissyano because he didn't ainticipate that sort of service from Brown ... as did the rest of Chelsea's defense. Brown should certainly get quite a bit of credit for that goal. So I'm not completely won over by people who say he is a big game player now that he scored in Moscow in that fashion ... I though Hargreaves had a much better game.

Lets also not forget that he missed two BIG penalties in Europe last season + wasn't as imposing en route to Moscow. Certainly not as much as Clarence who had scored and picked up an assist against both Bayern and Manure (in Munich and the San Siro respectively) and assisted Kaka' for one of the Brazilian's two goals at Old Trafford. In my opinion, I think he had a better season in Europe than Cissyano did this season ... Europe, the BIG stage. I still feel he doesn't deliver there. Will be interesting to see how he links up with the Portuguese NT though, where he could prove me wrong. Bet the English will be cheering Portugal along ... Go Portugal, WOOHOO!

That said, he still is an incredible footballer. There's no denying that. But he isn't as dominating is Zidane was. He was without doubt the undisputed best player on the planet for sometime, winning everything he competed in. Cissyano isn't there yet, IMO, and with the likes of Kaka' and Messi around, might never be.

and i bet even more that every liverpool fan across the world will be supporting spain..'every' includes the english ones lame is that
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