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Originally Posted by Kuzimoto
he's the best,cos' there's no others.
he's the scummiest person in football.Everyone knows it.Look at every forum on the net-everyone hates him,yet they all agrees that he is very effective and can score some massive free kicks.\
But still-effective-and that's it!!!!!!!!!!!
His skills are a joke,brazilian wannabee.His bysicletas are pure false and makes other players wanna puke.His IQ is below a 8th grade schooler.
I would never want him here,at Milan.He doesn't deserve even a fucking thread about him in Milan kingdom.
I would never forget his look,when Rikardo Kaka has received his award-the look of an angry and jealous bastardo!!!Just scroll some youtube files and you will see,that this guy is not the one you would want to see at San Siro.
Those who loves him-lying to themselves.
Ronaldu is a very good player,with some strong ability to score some free kicks.
No more than that.
I agree 100% but that doesn't change the fact that he IS effective and will rival anything we have at present- Kaka included. Don't get me wrong I hate him 100% and love Kaka but you can't divorce yourself from the facts. His moves ARE pathetic though...I like how you said that they would make a Brazilian (kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Robinho) want to puke But Credit where due...the kid keeps on getting better.

Originally Posted by Kuzimoto
and there'sne little detail......if John Terry wouldn't slip,who would remember this fucking C.Ronaldu now??????With his posers pk!!!!
He alwyas stops,before he makes a kick,waiting for the goalie to fall.....Not this time,asshole!!!!Cech overcooled your arrogant and coward nature.
Too bad it all went wrong at the end.
Honestly if Anelka and Terry didn't f**k up I'd have been the happiest guy after the CL finals
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