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Originally Posted by VultureSheva View Post
Leao haters are waiting till he makes that bad game after 4-5 good performances so they can celebrate his poor game, post videos and memes in Twitter and shit him on the forums. It's always like this. They know our biggest talent is still inconsistent and they attack him for inconsistence.

They are the same people who attacked Kessie and Hakan.
I attacked Hakan constantly because frankly he was rubbish not worthy of wearing 10. I give him his due now and have stated more than once he has earned the right and is worthy of the shirt and number.

I attacked Rebic in the first half of last season when he too was rubbish (he was actually out of shape and playing on the wrong side). I always backed Kessie however and happy to see him in his rightful spot getting the plaudits he deserves.

Funny though you attacking people for hating on Leao when you cant leave Calabria alone
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