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Originally Posted by Thenebra View Post
I am ready.
This one, Lollo, has probably the highest production value. He makes very good tactic summaries one or two days after the games. Seems very competent. He was lately invited to Milan TV as second expert and it seems that he's going to be involved there even more in near future.

Tantalman has not a high production value, but he's one who too has a very balanced opinion and most of the time is spot on. I like him very much.

Then there is TotalFred, very funny guy and spot on all the times. Very authentic and when he's pissed his language gets to levels even I learn new swears I haven't ever heared of before [emoji23].

To conclude, let me ad Mauro Suma, chief of Milan TV and famous commentator too. I like this guy. He's a Milanista through and through and definitely represents the most optimistic fanboy part in us all. For me he's the perfect balance to the negativity here in RnB (lol, no offense guys ).

Of course there's also Carlo Pellegattis channel. Very popular ex-commwntator who used to work for Milan TV too I think long time ago. I stopped watching his videos tho because there are many videos where he doesn't Really add sth new to the table or discusses 10 minutes around a point he already made in the first 10 seconds. Moreover he gives very odd ratings to the players at times after the matches. He sadly kinda lost it a little bit.

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