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Originally Posted by mrki View Post
1. Stefano Borghi! Without the doubt and competition no.1 youtube reporter in Italy calcio wise. Serious reporter that has calcio in his little finger. Analisis are perfect, objective and coulorfull to hear. I watch his every video, its a calcio joy.

2. Andrea Longoni - our milanista, writes sometimes for MN also. Posts on youtube a lot and you can hear everything about Milan.

This interista kid is a very objective guy but still a kid. Not near the levels of real reporters like Borghi but I like him. Also our direttore of MC Mauro Suma has great comments on youtube. Always calm...for me at times too calm lol.

Italian language is not hard, and helps to understant calcio much better as well as our Milan.
Nice didn't knew them before, definitely have to tune it. Thanks a lot. And completely agree on Suma although that's exactly why I like him so much, he gives a very good counter part to the sometimes exaggerated negativity the medias create around Milan
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