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Originally Posted by Ash View Post
Are you serious? You are judging fan atmosphere in Italy based on a CL Final you watched IN the U.K?

If anything, it proves how dull the U.K. actually is, especially considering almost half of the crowd who attended were from the U.K.
No it wasn't. Not at all. The fact majority were Italian. When I walked outside OT there were huge groups singing songs in Italian. Don't forget prices were nowhere near as expensive then. Good comparison from a United POV is the 99 final vs the 11 final. For the record, Italian referee Colina said that that was his best memory ever because of the noise the United fans made.

Originally Posted by Giova21 View Post
I was using it as an example that everyone is familiar with, a tactic many teams still adopt: Wolves, Wigan, Stoke, Blackburn.

As for the CL final in 03, was that not based on the fact it was such a dire, dull (as a result of both team's excellent defending) match? If not fair enough but I'm sure that must have had an effect upon it.

I've watched plenty of games this season in Serie A, and been to three (at San Siro) where the fans noise is incessant regardless of the attendance figures. Then at the very top end of the scale you have the likes of the Partenopei faithful who take 10,000 fans to Bologna and turn it into a home game, then the atmosphere in the 4-3 with Lazio was just incredible, nothing the likes of which I've seen in the Premiership.
You can argue with me about San Siro vs OT, but United's away fans are amazing. Best in the country. United have always taken huge numbers to away games.

I'm not trying to blow United's horn here, there's plenty of teams who are similar (Nothing in Serie A can compare to Stoke - they have the best home support). Spurs and Newcastle also have an excellent away support.

United fans at San Siro:

If you're talking about colour, then Anfield is hard to beat (sadly):

Liverpool fans were louder than Milan fans in both your finals. At the end of the 07 final all you could hear was YNWA:

Half time in Istanbul, 3-0 down:

I feel dirty...

British football can't compete with the atmosphere OUTSIDE the stadium though. The days of 25 thousand people walking to a match at the other end of the country are long gone.

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