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Originally Posted by Alexandre Pato View Post
No one is drooling... No one is saying Mario is better then Pato. Mario also said he is a Milan fan bit more evidence then a rumour on Besides, Mario is a perfect option for Milan. Tall, powerful, fast and skillfull. Attitude problem would disapear at Milan with influences like Seedorf, Pirlo, Ambrosini and Leonardo. 15-25m and he could be in red and black.
Erm no. There are already quite a few people making their little formations without pato and put balo in his place. Well thats mainly because their hearts still cant get over those rumors about pato not being a maldini clone (loyal for eternity).

In anyway balotelli wont come to milan mainly because moratti is smart enough to not let him go to any other team. Maybe if there will be some meltdown between mario and mouninho he will sell him to a english club or something but most def not milan.
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